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Any thoughts about this article?


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Saw your post and decided to read up on it. This sounds almost too good to be true. The most recent article I could find was pretty exhaustive in its review and had very few cons.


Some negative items are

1) you don't want to be prone to kidney stones.

2) cisplatin type chemo drugs may tend to drop vitamin C levels and need to be monitored. IV vitamin C doesn't stay in the body long.

3) specific cancer research is still very limited, especially as it relates to radiation therapy.

The pro items are

1) cancer patients tend to have low vitamin C.

2) evidence of reduced side effects to chemo.

3) anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory



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We considered IVC briefly before the ALK mutation had been detected.  The big issue is cost.  The Riordan Clinic wanted $3k just to walk in the door. It was cost prohibitive relative to the available science. The University of Iowa is doing some clinical trials in combination with Carboplatin. My Integrated MD practices there, she says the jury is still out and for now Low Dose Naltrexone is a more cost effective complementary therapy.   

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