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Anybody on? Forgot a question


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I forgot to ask this. What should I wear for Chemo? Loose fitting button down? Sweat shirt? Pants?

Probably a dumb question and probably too late


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Hi Tom,


I always wore whatever I was comfortable in, like sweatpants, loose fitting shirts making sure they could get to veins without having to take it off. I also brought my own pillow and a small blanket throw since it was long and their chairs are not very comfortable.

Good luck, you’ll do fine.


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Good advice from Babs. I have a port so I make sure I can unbutton or unzip my shirt. I get really cold and bring a light jacket but still use a blanket. My treatment center provide blankets and pillows so I don't bring those with me. 

And, by the way, there is no question too dumb!


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