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Dry mouth & throat

Robert  A.

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Hello gang, after undergoing 4 rounds of Keytruda & chemo (tumor shrunk) and now doing Keytruda maintenance my wife has developed dry mouth & throat. She has been using Biotene and licking honey off the spoon for relief, have any of you undergoing treatment had the same side effect of dry mouth & throat? If you did what did you do for relief? She doesn't like tea so that's out.


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I have had dry mouth for quite sometime. Lots of sipping water. ACT is a great product. I use the dry mouth rinse and they have dry mouth lozenges as well. I always have either water or a lozenge in my mouth Always

Also talk to your dentist. High chances of cavities. My dentist gave me a prescription toothpaste to use at night 

i have gotten used to it  Also keep your lips moist  Carmex was recommended to me

Good luck!



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On 3/18/2020 at 8:42 PM, Lin wilki said:

ACT is a great product.

agreed on this one.

never used anything else but i did found ACT to be amazing. also, try drinking lots of water with vegetarians recipes, needles to say. with the nowadays pandemic, dry mouth and throat sounds way more dangerous so make sure you don't start caughing as well...

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