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One side (lung) inflate while I breathe??


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Lately I noticed that only the left side of my chest inflate when I breathe. I have the mass on the right lung.
It is very noticeable when I take a deep breath or while working out. I can feel it and see it. 
I don’t have any pain.  

Has anyone experienced such thing?

Is this part of the healing process?(i hope😬😬).                                                                                                                       is my left lung super strong now?💪🏻💪🏻
or did my right lung collapse? 🥴 But I don't have any pain. 
Not sure what to think 🤔

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I had a mass blocking my main stem bronchus of my right lung but I did not notice any change in movement of my chest when breathing. I think you would know if your right lung collapsed because it is often associated with pain, but maybe not.

I'd call my GP or pulmonologist and report these symptoms.

Stay the course.


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