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FANTASTIC breaking news.


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I just posted a link to a Daily News article in the Lung Cancer News section. My friend from NY called me about it.

It frustrates me that it is years away from marketing, makes no sense! I wish I understood the logic behind it :) Oh well, at least this is very encouraging

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This is very hopeful. I know this is one of the things Keith and I have been keeping our eyes on. My only question is that the clinical trials are for patients with NSCLC, does Atypical carcinoid qualify as Non small cell? If so, there is a trial site close to here in Madison WI, and we'd be interested in trying it. I know Dr. Shiller is a participating trial doctor, and I've contacted her office before hoping to get info and a possible appointment to meet her.

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Hi everyone,

I have searched for and found many open trials for this vacinne.It looks very promising to me.I have not found one that will accept anyone with active or in-treatment brain mets though.Has anyone else?Do a search on gene modified autologeous tumor vaccine and you will find many open trials.In my searches and surfing I found that GVAX is CG8123.I was confused about that at first.Love and prayers to you all.TBone

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I just got the results back on my tissue from the original surgery, it was negative for the gene. Although I have no active disease, at present, it is the goal of my oncologist to keep my this way. After my return from Florida, I an appointment on March 9, for another chest and abdomen scan and oncologist visit. We will be discussing some more trials at that time.

I am very thankful to be where I am right now, but it is always there in the back of my mind - recurrence. I know that is the same with many of us who are basically disease free, at the present. We certainly wish we could say cured, but we all know that still has some more work before doctors can declare lung cancer patients, cured.

This article does offer much hope and is one of the better articles offering hope. Hope is what we thrive and live on. I will never give up as long as there is hope. That should be the same for all of us who are fighting this disease.

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