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At risk for covid 19


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Am I at risk for covid19? Lobectomy in  2013 for stage 1a adenocarcinoma.  feel fine.  Just wondering am I  Still considered at risk for covid19 or corona virus?

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Hello there from another Jersey Girl- born and raised in NJ, exit 150.  Now I live in KC (job transfers).  My entire family is in NNJ. 

Bottom line, everyone is at risk for Coronavirus/COVID 19.  I

I've been trying for days to sift through the media hype and ascertain some of the early science. Early data suggests men over the age 50, any one with diabetes or heart disease is  at higher risk of hospitalization for the virus.  The reason the media is referring to this pandemic as the "novel coronavirus" is code for this is a new form of coronavirus and there are a lot of unknowns.  As data emerges from Europe, where there is greater transparency we will learn.  Coronaviruses are actually not new (check out the back of your disinfectant wipes, in the small print on the back it says they kill cells from human coronavirus) 

Assume we are all at high risk with our history of lung cancer, easiest thing to do is stay inside, wash our hands, and be very careful when venturing outside.  

I've limited the amount of news I watch- it's pretty horrible.  It's the emotional equivalent to watching a plane crash every day. 

Be well and be safe, 



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Hi!  Here is the latest FAQs for lung cancer patients and survivors: https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/covid-19-coronavirus/covid-19-faqs-for-people-with-lung-cancer

It really seems like every person reacts differently.  There have been 90-something great grandmas that have fully recovered and children hospitalized.  What's important to remember is that a lot of people are recovering.  

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Hi Forsythia and welcome! Michelle is right--we're all at risk for coronavirus. But some of us are more at risk for getting it and/or more at risk for severe complications id we do get it. I'm 74 and I had a lower right lobectomy in 2016.  I'm retired, more o less. I had a part rime job in a shelter for homeless families. I asked my pulmonologist whether it was wise for me to continue there during the pandemic, given my age and lung cancer surgery. She told me it was not. She wasn't much concerned about my lung status, since my lung capacity was good before and after my surgery (and I don't have any other lung conditions like COPD). But she said I'm at higher risk because of my age. So I'm not working for the time being and I'm staying away from other people, except my wife.

So, how old are you and do you have any other lung conditions or other medical conditions that could increase your risk? In any event, I think it's a good idea for everybody who can to stay home! 

Best Wishes,


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