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5CM x 5 CM Squamos in Upper Right Lobe w/ COPD Surgery?


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I was recently diagnosed and my  pulmonologist is pretty awful. He referred me to a surgeon but told me they might decline to do the surgery because my lung function is low. (39%). Has anyone had surgery like this with similar numbers?

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Welcome here!

I've had a right lung removed but before surgery, the pulmonologist tested my lung capacity to ensure I'd have sufficient after surgery.  I don't recall the percentage I had after this pre-surgery step.

If your doctors are reluctant to surgically remove 5 cm mass, then I'd suggest a consultation with a radiation oncologist.  There is a precision radiation technique called stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) that is often a very good substitute for surgery.  I had it after my right lung was removed and a stubborn tumor was found in my left lung.  Here is information about SBRT. 

I now live my life with about 30% of total lung capacity.  I can't run very far but otherwise do quite well.  More questions, ask away.

Stay the course.


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