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Update and advice needed


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Hello All!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this Coronavirus time!

So my husband started Chemo (Cistplatin + Etoposide) and Radiation on March 30th.  Monday April 6th was his last chemo treatment until April 27th when he starts another cycle.  My husband hasn't wanted to do much research on the chemo & radiation so I have been trying to do the best I can so I could be prepared to help him when the side effects arrived. 

He did very well all last week, the only side effects he had in the first 8 days was some fatigue and a rash (rash was from chemo onc said and gave us a cream) and he said his brain felt a little foggy.  He was feeling pretty good all week until today.

Today he is EXTREMELY fatigued and says that his tongue and back of his throat is starting to hurt.  I'm not sure if that's the chemo or radiation.  Since he's doing both we never know which one is causing what.  Als;o his coughing has increased but they told me to just give him Mucinex DM for that (but he's being stubborn and not wanting to take it) {shrug}

So my question is does anyone have advice on what I can have him do to help with the tongue and throat pain?  I guess I don't really mean what I can "give" him...I mean are there suggestions that I can have him do that will help with that...like should he eat soft foods, rinse his mouth or things like that?

Thank you for ANY advice you can give!



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This is a re-post I made before.. I had radiation next to my esophagus for 30 days and I ate a spoon full of Manuka Honey on the way to treatment and another later in the day. I did not get esophagitis or have any problem with my throat. If you can't get Manuka honey any honey should help.. I can tell you that my radiation Doc was very surprised. This may help, do a search on Manuka honey.  Hope this helps

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