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Returning to Acupuncture...

Rower Michelle

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Hi Guys and Gals, 

Just wanted to check in.  I've been without my integrative tribe for over a month now and the absence of acupuncture, the return of inhibitor side effects is really more than an inconvenience at this point. 

I've got scans at the end of this month and wanted to check in with the clinic to see what my doc was planning to do.  Some of my ALK friends are having their scans get postponed or canceled.  I had a very interesting conversation with my nurse. 

In early January they started to see a lot of patients presenting with  fever, persistent dry cough and tested negative for flu. My doc wanted to rule out any clinical changes (code word for disease progression) and ordered CT scans.   She said the CT scans were definitely abnormal, but not related to cancer or pneumonia.  They were not able to diagnose what these patients had, now it is believed patients actually had COVID.   They are estimating about 25% of the clinic practice presented with potential COVID symptoms as far back as early December.  None of the clinic patients were hospitalized. 

My doc isn't subscribing to postponing treatment due to COVID approach, really thinks it's ill advised as postponing will create an unnecessary back log.  The clinic has all kinds of new protocols now to minimize the risk to people so my scans will go forward. 

They've given me the green light to return to acupuncture, based on the practice changes the acupuncturist has made (no waiting rooms, lots of disinfectant, gloves and masks...). Doc feels the benefits of acupuncture outweigh the risk of COVID as long as I continue to be very diligent.  I'll continue with my isolation plan as usual.

Will keep you all updated as I head into scan land on 4-30. 



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Hey Michelle,

yes, I know, I've been away, but I vaguely remembered your scan schedule is close to mine, so here I am 😁

 Everything is still closed in Oregon, so no acupuncture or massage for me, but I've been busy working from home since 3/5 - my pup now thinks going out to potty 100 times a day is a normal thing.  Once it's all over, I'm going to have to break him in back to the normalcy gently 😆

My scan is this Friday (4/24) - my appointment afterwards with the rad onc (he's the one who orders and shares the results) is virtual, though.  Hoping for no technical glitches along with squeaky clean scan, of course 🙏  I'll also be thinking of you 🤞 - in the meanwhile, enjoy the acupuncture. 

Sending love,


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