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My HER 2 mutation with lung cancer

Lin wilki

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So 6 months of immunotherapy — lots of progression. Then 4 rounds of Carboplatin and Alimta- stable except for one small increase in one tumor. Alimta for maintenance 3 rounds. More progression Still has not traveled outside lungs

Now trying my target chemo -Kadcyla. Needs to be approved by Medicare cuz not standard treatment   Fingers crossed!!!!  If not approved  different chemo I guess  So far this cancer journey has not been easy!


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Hi Lin-

One of our support group members had her fourth recurrence in 15 years  of Stage IV NSCLC last year  The last chemo agent she had was a long shot breast cancer chemo. Worked for her and she is cancer free-again.  You know we are all rooting for you! 

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