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Tele-health appt with my cardiologist this morning.


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It actually went pretty well once we got the bugs worked out.

He's going to call the vascular surgeon today to encourage him to treat my case a little more urgently. I've passed out twice in the last two weeks from the subclavian steal syndrome that has been my bane since August 2019. I broke four metatarsi entering the cardiologists office building in December, so he understands. The next fall could be a brain bleed or worse.

He had no reaction to my being removed from all blood pressure medications. He did recognize that my diabetes is well controlled.

Hopefully, his conversation with the vascular surgeon goes well and I can move forward. I still need the port and chemo to finish off any little cancer rascals roaming around my body.

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Glad to see some progress here!  The best part of your post is the moving forward.  One doctor, one appointment, one procedure at time.  While the COVID has presented us with these tech challenges, I'm really relieved you've got a team prepared to engage.  Try not to get your port on a Monday or Friday---  you want these guys at the top of their game.   Carry on! 


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I had my port inserted on a Friday morning.  It was a disaster. I’ll spare you the gory details since that was 18 months ago, but when the bandage came off, a few of the nurses said port installs are like car manufacturing, don’t buy a car on Monday or Friday.  It look me about three months before I had full shoulder range of motion and now I have a rather nasty looking scar.   I understand that my circumstances were atypical but the nurses comments have stayed with me.  

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