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Tumor progression


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Good morning,  Well, my adventure with chemotherapy, specifically carboplatin and Alimta, then Alimta only for the past 4 months has left me with significant tumor progression.  Therefore, onto the next phase, which will either be radiation (not sure which type) or another type of chemo or two.  We shall see what the professionals have in store for me.  I have an MRI today to rule out any further metastases, specifically in my brain which for 1 year has been clean...Yay!  Then next week on Tuesday I meet with a Radiation Oncologist to see what he has to say about my situation and on Friday meet with my Clinical Oncologist to see what my next adventure will be in the lung cancer world!!  I have faith, and also am thankful that I have survived 1 year since my diagnosis and have felt quite well through it all.    Could have been so much worse!

I hope all of my Longevity friends are doing OK with their lung cancer journey compounded with COVID-19.  I am seeing dust bunnies I have ignored for years (I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.)  Take care now.  Susan Rae

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So sorry to hear about your tumor progression. I have been on maintenance of Alimta and Keytruda for almost a year. My January scan showed some growth in my lung tumor but no growth in my bone metastases. I had SBRT radiation on the lung tumor and after 2 months it had decreased in size by 51%. Like you, I feel  pretty good while on maintenance and 2 of the 3 weeks between treatments life goes back to near normal - except since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Good luck with your upcoming appointments. Stay positive!

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I admire your strength!  I'm so sorry to hear about this update.   I've seen a few of my local group members have successfully gone through radiation which did a great job of stopping progression.  Prayers for you heading into the MRI.   You know the drill, we'll be here every step of the way.   Carry on. 


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Once again, thanks for your wisdom, support and guidance which is such a huge benefit for all who have been touched by you and others via Lungevity—an invaluable resource and support system.  Thank you.

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