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Surgery Monday


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I'm having a flexible biopsy Monday (divinci robot) . I'm not sure why I would have to be in the hosp for 4 days. I'm so scared , I have that feeling of I could throw up. Has anyone had this and stayed for 4 days? I guess I should have asked more questions. 


Thanks in advance 

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I can’t recall the number of flexible bronchoscopy procedures I’ve had in my treatment history—a whole boatload!  Every one was a day surgery event. In at oh-dark-thirty out by noon. 

Are you sure you are just having a biopsy or are you having a lobectomy and a biopsy after surgery? Your use of Divinci Robot, a world class robotic machine, suggests something more complicated than a flex biopsy. So does a 4 day hospital stay, quite typical after a robotic lobectomy. 

Regardless, any surgery is frightening and I’ve had lots of practice being scared to death. Now might be a good time to as for an RX of Xanax. It worked for me. 

Stay the course. 


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Thank you, 

I asked what the procedure was called and was told, Flexable Bronch. I know he is going to do a biopsy on the lymph nodes and also take a look at that area at the bottom right lobe where they cant tell if it has gone thru the lining or not. That's what has me so scared. 

Thank you again for your reply. 

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