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I have not been diagnosed with lung cancer, but I am waiting for an appointment to be scheduled with a pulmonologist to see if I do have it or not.  My reason for joining this group was to see if anyone could help me figure out from the information on my lung ct scan results if I likely have lung cancer or most likely don't have it. Also, if I do have it, then I will need this group as a support system.

I have multiple lung nodules, most of which are small. However, one of them in my right lower lobe was 8 mm on the first ct (I don't know why they only gave one dimension on the first ct scan.), and then it grew to 8.6 mm X 9.2 mm on my 2nd ct scan 6 months after the first one. On the first ct scan, they said it was calcified. Then on the second ct scan, they said it was partially calcified. They also described it as "irregular". There was more than that on the report, but those were the most important things, I think. Also, they mentioned possible infection as a possibility for the multiple small nodules, but could I have a lung infection for 6 months without symptoms getting worse? I do have a chronic, mild cough that I have had for at least a year. 

Thank you

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You are most welcome here.  So, let's try and understand what is going on. You've had two CT scans with a 6 month interval between each. The largest find is an 8.6 x 9.2mm nodule. First consider size, your largest nodule is a little larger than a lead pencil eraser. My first CT by comparison showed a tumor about 7 cm long by 2.5 cm wide (that is roughly the size of my iPhone X, and the three iPhones stacked together).  The comparison points to the difficulty of determining what your CT is showing vice what mine showed. There is a lot of uncertainty in your test; not much in mine. Size it seems matters in lung tumors!

Let's look things from a different perspective.  The lung forms nodules for lots of reasons.  You mentioned a chronic cough, and that might result from a low-grade bronchial condition, and that could cause nodules. Here is my go to source for pulmonary nodules. As you read though the material you will find most lung nodules are not cancer, thankfully.

To your question, could a mild lung infection last for 6 months with few symptoms? Sure. Do people have chronic mild coughs that last a year or longer and not have cancer? Sure.

Lung cancer diagnosis is a process. It starts with a CT scan and ends with a biopsy.  A biopsy is the only way to definitively diagnosis lung cancer such that a treatment plan can be devised. Here is some information on lung cancer diagnosis that might provide more insight.

Don't hesitate to ask further questions. That's why we are here.

Stay the course.



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