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Moving forward slowly in Colorado


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Lung nodule specialist called this past week and rescheduled the pulmonary function test for next week.  Yay!  Colorado has lifted the ban on elective surgeries and since my little nodule is only 17 X 11 mm (showing growth over another scan 2 years ago which was 8mm X 5 mm). I was not considered "urgent" when coronavirus was sweeping through the states..  Even though it has felt very urgent for me personally.  The thought of lung cancer and the possible loss of my left lower lobe is always in the back of my mind.  This has been a valuable lesson in the practice of being present.  I have some areas of atelectasis in both of my lower lungs.  One nodule specialist stated that the nodule (lower lung, posterior location) was independent of the atelectasis and his partner believes that the nodule may be attributed to "rounded atelectasis".  However, after the team met the second doctor called and offered me surgery even during the height of coronavirus in Colorado Springs. At that time I thought I'd better wait.  Has anyone been diagnosed with atelectasis?  I'm guessing this means that they just don't know and the need for biopsy is obvious.  

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