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After the cardiologist's appointment, things started to move along.

The port is being put in Monday morning at 9 AM. Due to COVID, my wife won't be permitted to come into the hospital. I'll be met at the door by someone who will take me where I need to go. They'll call her when I'm ready to be picked up. 

May 14th, I get the stent or surgery. May 15th, if it was a stent, the chemo starts. If surgery, it will be the next week. Same rules apply to my wife for both the artery procedure and the chemo. She'll have to wait for a call to come pick me up. She's been such a huge part of this the last six months and we are both disappointed she can't come along, especially for the chemo education hour.

Best to all,



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Hi Glenn, glad things are starting to happen to get treatment going.  I'm sorry your wife can't come in with you.  Hopefully as curves start to flatten the hospital will be able to ease up on restrictions in the coming weeks.  Please keep us updated on your heart procedure.  Fingers crossed for just the stent!

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I’m with you, Glenn.  I have VATS biopsy on May 14th and my husband has to leave the hospital after he drops me off. We”ll manage I suppose. I intend to skype as I’m able. 

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