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One year survivor

Lin wilki

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I just passed the one year mark since diagnosis. It seems longer since it took months of testing and anxiety to finally get that horrible diagnosis Stage 4 adenocarcinoma!  So I’ve accepted it, I’m living with it but not happily. Can only hope my current treatment of Kadcyla is working since nothing has worked yet!  
My dad just passed at 91. We had a small service at the funeral home with a priest that knew my dad — in better days. He said live life while you have it. That struck a chord!  My dad gave up when my mom passed 18 years ago!  What a waste

It sure made me think I better take that to heart. With the struggles I’ve had with this disease it would be easy to give up. However I’m here I have family so I need to try harder to Live!  That’s what I’m trying to do.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 

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I'm sorry for the passing of your Dad, even at an advanced age, losing a parent leaves a hole in your heart.   You've got the right attitude, live life and hold on tight.  One of the books you might like (easy read I promise!) is "Something More Than Hope" by Diana Lindsay.   In it she talks about the key to her long term survivorship as "The Joy Protocol".   Welcome to the one year club!  Here's to pushing ahead to year 2!!!    

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Congrats on making the year...all progress against this disease should be celebrated.  Now let's hope that you keep moving forward and getting better each day.  That's what I'll be praying for you to have.  I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but what a great life he had; 91 years.  So many experiences and memories.  I'm so happy he had a long, full life and I'm sorry for your loss.

Stay strong and please keep us updated.


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Congratulations on making the year!  More reason to enjoy your visit Lin!  It is always good to get away along with reconnecting with family and/or friends. It is a time of joy for you and yours.  Worry about the scans and treatment can wait until another day!  Take care now.  Susan

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