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Words of Encouragement

Andrea B.

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Dear Friends,

I just posted that my mom found out the cancer has spread to her liver. My mom is an amazing woman and is staying strong, but if any of you can write to her (her name is Lillian) and offer words of encouragement. I will print them off and give them to her.

Thank you so much!


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I don't have any experience with liver mets, but I have read where they can be treated effectively with RFA and also chemo. I will keep you in my prayers and you are strong Lillian and will get through this. I include you in my prayers each day. I know our Lord, Jesus hears and answers our prayers. We are your family and care about you. I will be checking on you to see how you are doing. Keep positive and believe...

Blessings and gentle hugs for you and your family.


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Dear Lillian,

There is nothing about this disease that is not scary. But just reading so many of the posts here shows how God and the doctors work in mysterious ways and there is always hope for good news.

My husband was dx'd with liver mets in late Sept and here it is almost March and with 4 taxol/carboplatin infusions and now on Iressa, the tumors have shrunk somewhat and are now stable.

Try to stay positive, there is some pointy headed researcher in a lab somewhere just about to yell Eureka!!!


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Lillian I am so sorry that you've had this step backwards in your fight.

I just wanted to tell you that just because you have been told you have liver mets, it doesn't mean the fight is over.

I can't believe a doctor would even be so premature as to give prognosises just because of this. Keith has had 4 liver mets ever since his original diagnosis 11 months ago. He has had no problems with them. Throughout his entire treatment, there has been no change or growth of them even though chemo hasn't been effective for him. We have searched for a procedure to treat the liver mets and we saw that there is great promise in RFA. After a liver biopsy, he is now met free in his liver. What was there turned out to be one tumor which was removed to do the biopsy and the rest were cysts.

This can be treated, and this can be beat. Don't lose hope and don't lose faith. I will be praying for you every day.

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Dear Lillian,

I wanted to let you know first that your name is on my prayer list. My father has had many battles in this fight with lung cancer and we are not giving up!!! You can read them in my signature! There are options open to you that you can explore and even if not, you have read some of the posts which stated that the liver mets werent even a problem!

When you get discouraged, think of all the people rooting for you and praying for you!

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