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We're gonna settle the dog fight once and for all

Guest DaveG

Do you like Small Dogs  

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  1. 1. Do you like Small Dogs

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    • NO

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who in thier right minds are going to admit to liking small dogs, it is in comparison with eating a rotten apple. Dave the last chemo rally fried your poor little bean you have a for a brain. I think most of the people here feel real sorry for you and wish we could help, would $$$$$$$$$$ help, fried green tomatoes, collard greens, chitlin. or maybe a swift kick in the *ss to get you back to thinking on the straight and narrow. Pull yourself together soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying for us all(especially DaveG !)

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While I admit I do not dislike your small dogs, my taste runs more to labrador retrievers.

So I won't take your poll, if voting for "liking" small dogs means I don't like big dogs.


I am dog-deprived now for almost 5 years, we have pet mice instead.

I actually envy all of you any kind of dog.

Quit fussing and fuming and count your blessings.

This is Washington, where if you want a friend you're told to get a dog.

I don't especially care for cats, but notice that NONE of the cat fanciers are mixed up in a cats or dogs dispute here....

Guys, you're just looking for a reason to have a p*$$ing contest.


Enjoy it.

Boys. ha!.



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As they say you can get any response you want if you manipulate the poll question a certain way.... I believe the poll question you are looking for is, "do you like rat dogs?" Or how about, "Is it really a dog is it's under 10 lbs?"

Oh and I voted. It's confidential right?


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I like big dogs for the same reason I like big men...if they're on the bed, I want to know about it! LOL

...and smaller dogs don't make the little poopie bag carried on walks so heavy...

...and big dogs are more fun to cuddle...

...and small dogs fit better in small houses...

...and 'just an ol' dawg' dogs are the best dogs of all.

Qwitcherbitchin about the dogs, be thankful you still HAVE yours, guys! Big or small, best dogs are those still drawing breath! The only reason we are "shopping" is because we buried ours in December.

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Becky, Deb, and Ry:

3 people who really care, unlike a certain insulting gentleman (I giving way too much credit) who made his two cents known here. I thank the three of you for you more than kind comments, again unlike a certain other man(I'm still over doing it) who wishes to shove his bias thoughts about dogs off on other who don't givea Tijuana Sewer Rat's *ss about what he cares about little dogs or not.

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I personally am not a dog person but I DO like Dave G's dog. I am a cat person but I do like little dogs especially little rat dogs! So maybe Dave G's dog reminds me of my cat, go figure. The only thing is that the poor little dog wouldn't stand a chance with my cat Jack. He has brought home bigger rabbits and squirrels than Dave's dog. (sorry Dave) Jack is an amazing cat, he has killed off most of the bifd population in central connecticut, once had one in his mouth and one in each paw, I AM NOT KIDDING! He also goes fishing, brings home about 6 fish every summer. Can any of your dogs do that?

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