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third and fourth time chemo


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Hello, I am going into my third cycle of chemo and I know it may be a little worse than the second.  Although, I am pulling through. Is there a big difference in the reaction between the third and fourth session?  

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Hi Emmanuelle,

I had 4 rounds and the 4th was no worse for me as the third. I was actually thrilled by the 4th round because I knew it

would be the last for a while. My chemo was NO FUN but I got through it OK and you will too. Stay strong!!


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I interpret your use of 3rd cycle of chemo to mean you have the third of a scheduled series (say one treatment every 3 weeks) of treatments. If that is the case I experienced no difficulty (change in intensity or duration of side effects) from one infusion to the next. I had a total of 18 infusions of Taxol and Carboplatin in three successive years (6 infusion cycles scheduled over the course of 18 weeks) and I had no difference in how I felt until a new drug was added to the mix. So I think you should expect the fourth to be no different than your third.

Stay the course.


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