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SCLC Extensive Stage


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Hello all

I've now been to the oncologist, and the good news is it isn't in my brain or bones, but it is in my adrenal glands.

So - I'm starting treatment on Monday. Carboplatin, Etoposide and Atezolizumab. Two treatments then scan to see how it's going and if all good two more and then just the immunotherapy (Atezolizumab).

Wish me luck, it'll be my third time on the roller coaster!


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I join Bridget’s crossing fingers and toes for you also.

This may be small comfort, but your treatment of Carboplatin and Etoposide and an immunotherapy drug is a US standard of care for extended stage (ES) SCLC. Of immunotherapy drugs used for ES SCLC, Atezolizumab is the most common. Immunotherapy for small cell is a relatively new method and has seen good results.

Sometimes, radiation oncologists can offer stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) to attack small ES nodules in multiple locations. Be sure to ask if this is a treatment option under Austrialia’s medical system.

Stay the course.


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I have now had my first treatment and the next is in a week.

It wasn't much fun, but not as bad as I thought it would be. 

I do feel as though it might be working. I'm not coughing and my voice is stronger and I now sound like me! Trying not to get my hopes up just yet.


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