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Recently diagnosed with prostatitis, still early, running diagnostics. In the meantime have been spending time researching, so once given the full picture with all the tests/proceedures, will have options (beyond what the surgeons may give me). The one procedure I am really impressed with, 'REZUM', involves having a catheter positioned near and around prostate. Then 4 or more times shots of steam shot at different areas of prostate. The principle appears that it basically shrinks the prostate by destroying the extra growth area. Appears to be a new procedure, perhaps within last 5 years or so i consulted a cancer doctor. The testimonials are all positive and am convinced of its' ability to reduced the inflammation. I get a feeling it may not be done in my area, and would have to go a good distance to have this done. It's worth it to me, but want to get as much feedback as I can well in advance of the surgeons giving me suggestions in near future.

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I’m sorry but folks who post in the forum are focused on lung cancer, not prostate cancer. 

I do hope you get answers to your treatment questions from other sources.

Stay the course.


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