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Happy Memorial Day!


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My husband was a Navy Veteran .  He was a Sonar man.  He entered the Navy in 1963 and served until 1977.  

After this he worked Military contracts until 2012.  He was active in the American Legion and the VFW.

He is at Fort Snelling National Cemetery .  One day I will be with him again ____there in the grave next to him.

He was a wonderful caring person to those he served with, worked with , and family, and friends.

Donna G



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A difference of a year makes all the difference. I attended high school and college during the draft era. I also played lacrosse. Four of my teammates, class of 1967, died in combat after being drafted after high school. None in my 1968 graduating class died in that conflict. The draft changed lives. I joined Army ROTC when college deferments ended allowing me to finish college. Training prepared us for Vietnam combat, but Vietnam deployments were stopped 2 days after I received Vietnam orders.  A year for me made all the difference in my life. On this day, I especially remember my teammates who were called, served, and died so young.

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