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question for the ladies...


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I hope that no one will think this is tacky.... I had my pneumonectomy 2 years ago this April (!) before that two other thorocotomies. Last year at my annual x-ray they found two broken ribs. Unfortunately one of the ribs was complicated fracture as the one bone sticks up with the other part of the bone settling in somewhere in the middle (esentually the two broken ends don't meet) Anyway my PCP told me that it would take time but eventually scar tissue would form over the oint of the sticking up rib and it wouldn't bother me as much. Here in lies my question... sometimes (like now) I get pain in that area and I get scared. But what I'm wondering is if this could be due to the bras I wear. My incision runs across my left breast and it pulls my breast a bit anyway. Three operations on that area have created quite a mess on that side. So now I'm wondering if wearing a "cleavage type-pump them up bra" could be causing me to have periodic pain. I try to rotate them but sometimes I end up wearing the padded ones more ofter.

Has anyone else notice that certain bras can cause an achy feeling in the chest?

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I'm pulling from my feeble brain here...

Right after surgery (one surgery, my scar is on my back and runs down under my right arm), I could not wear a bra. To be honest, I didn't have enough range of motion to get one ON, let alone worry about the "fit". I had to work back into the world of binding lingerie... Started on in spandex muscle shirts, on to camisoles, then sports bras and about eight months later could FINALLY wear something with support on a daily basis (and sometimes, my "comfy" ones just aren't - things seem to change over night).

My thought would be that if you are up-to-date on self-exams and mammograms and NOTHING is there, don't worry so much. (Easy to say, I have a "spot" that's "nothing" but worries me at times...) If it hurts to wear a particular style, stay away from it. (I would also ask the PCP if it is "nothing" and voice your concerns - can't hurt to ask!) Have more than one style in your drawer to choose from in case your 'usual' just won't cut it some Tuesday morning when you're in a rush to get ready for work....

...and even before this cancer thing, it was SUCH a luxury to have NOTHING planned after work and be able to take the darn contraption off and let "the team" just hang around. :shock:

Be kind to your body, it's been through a lot...


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Boy have we discussed bras around here! YUCK many of us avoid using them as much as possible. I suggest getting some stick on bras. One brand is Nu Bra by Fashion Forms . I bought one at the Mall of America but you can order on the internet also. I also have ribs that still look fractured on xray. Donna G

Ps type in "bra" under search and you'll find 18 hits where we have discussed this problem.

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I can't stand any kind of underwire bra. I use "old lady" bras with wide elastic under the breasts or wear sports bras that zip in the front (again, wide elastic under the breasts). All the sexy, pushup and underwire bras went out. Also, the hubby is strictly relegated to the left breast now :( but not so bad when you consider alternatives 8) . Best of luck.

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