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I've been reading about the mutations appearing in my husband's NGS test results so far and wondered whether anyone else had experience here. One of the areas involved the TP53 gene and I noted this: "Avoidance of exposure to radiation therapy is recommended, when possible, to reduce the risk of radiation-induced cancers." His doctor recently advised radiation either in combination or before/after his other treatment. This has me wondering. Also in the report was this: "Mutations in TP53 may increase resistance to ionizing radiation therapy." I'm trying to resist Googling our way through this but sometimes it's hard.

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Welcome here.

I certainly don't have an answer to the genetic radiation exposure risk you are speaking of. I'd pose the question to your husband's radiation oncologist.

I do recall, however, in my first consultation with my radiation oncologist, her discussion of a risk of radiation exposure is the possibility of a future radiation-induced cancer. In resolving that dilemma, I thought it best to go after a certain problem rather than worry about a possible problem.

Stay the course.


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