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Post LC Imaging

Mamma Om

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Hi, not sure if I'm doing this right. I am a survivor of two lung nodules two years ago, and removal of my right lower lobe. First one was seen on CT and biopsied. It was adenocarcinoma. Second one was a surprise found by the pathologist when he opened the lung lobe. It was first determined to be SCLC, then my case was referred to the Tumor Board and determined it was a rare neuroendocrine carcinoid, rare because that kind of cancer is usually not found in the lung. No further treatment was required post-surgical. Previous to this I also had surgery, chemo, and radiation for left breast cancer, then surgery 12 years later for right breast cancer, and then had my thyroid removed for papillary cancer. So now I am having 3 - 6 months CT scans to follow another nodule in the right middle lobe that is described as a ground glass one. All my previous CT scans were done with iodinized contrast which I have a mild reaction to, and take prednisone and Benadryl prior to the scans. Yesterday's scan was done with barium contrast instead, and that causes me severe diarrhea about two hours later. My question is, ;how do the doctors and radiologists decide which kind of contrast to use? I imagine the differing contrast gives different views or clearer views? I'm curious, and wondering which contrast is worse for me at this point. Also, I know that my Dr. is "suspicious" of this nodule and has already suggested a possible biopsy, so I'm anxious to get the results. Thank you for any information and encouragement.

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Quick question. Was you second diagnosis LCNEC? That is what I have but I did radiation and Chemo. Treatment plan baseline basically same as SCLC.

Just curious. Good luck.

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