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Fun Outdoors While COVID Sequestered

Tom Galli

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I'm an amateur birder. I've been fascinated by wildlife my entire life but I especially enjoy watching and listening to birds. Today, I had great fun and made a discovery. First the fun--I placed my lawn chair in a shady spot in my front yard (extreme social distance observed) in the mid-afternoon heat (94-degrees). It was about 20 feet distant from my black sunflower seed bird feeder. The last time I did this, I disturbed the "boss cardinal" and he flittered around me expressing his displeasure. This time I Googled "Male Cardinal Bird Call" and played it on my phone. I was soon surrounded by a covey of male cardinals each singing to outdo the other. I had my very own avian concert and competing birds got quite close to observe this strange looking "cardinal" in a lawn chair!

Next the discovery--We are starting to experience a cicada emergence in North Texas. The noise can be overwhelming. I noticed a pair of blue jays hunting among the trees of the cul-de-sac lawn area and I played a bluejay bird call on my phone. The cicada noise stopped immediately. I guess cicadas are high up on the menu choice for bluejays. 

Go outside safely in the shade and....

Stay the course.


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I'm going out to play with others tomorrow. I'm having a socially distanced brunch at a park near the lake. I'm meeting two friends at a park - masks required - and we'll maintain a minimum of 6 feet apart. Fortunately, the friend who hangs out at the nail salon and gym won't make it tomorrow. Not sure she really respects the need for my social distancing. I'm looking forward to listening to the birds and getting away from the house. 

Post some pictures from your bird adventures, Tom!

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I believe that such activities that you guys are describing, are healing and strengthen the spirit. Which in turn boosts the immune system. I have been taking care of feral kittens, and I feel something inside me that I know helps me to fight this. I sure didn't ask for the task though. It came out of the irresponsibility of others in my neighborhood.

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Our first in person social event while sequestered was dinner on some friends' front porch this weekend.  We brought takeout food (each person's choice of bowl) so that we didn't need to share food or utensils. They have a big porch and they brought out their long dining room table. We sat at one end and they sat at the other, more than 6 feet apart. After dinner, we had a walk in their neighborhood with our masks on. It was  a relief to see friends i person.It seemed safe enough, although if I had been in treatment, I'm not sure that I would have chanced it. 

Bridget O

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Lin - 

When I bought my first house years ago, after much time in apartments, I walked out in the grass barefoot on the day I moved in. I think it takes so many of us back to childhood, the freedom of running around outside barefoot. Best feeling in the world.


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