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2nd round of Docetaxel today.

Robert  A.

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Much has happened since I last posted. After the 1st dose of Docetaxel all seemed fine until Friday came along, (wife got here infusion on a Monday). My wife started getting cramps and severe diarrhea starting in the evening, it was listed as one of the possible side effects. Saturday morning it was still the same so we called the # given to us by the oncologist hoping to get some medicine but instead he said go to emergency because she might get dehydrated. We got to the ER and only my wife could go in. Since my wife had diarrhea, slight fever and cough ( because of the lung cancer) right away she had to go through Covid 19 protocol. I took her at around noon, I didn't hear anything so I started to panic. What seemed like forever so I finally called the hospital and found she was going to be admitted. About an hour later my wife called and said that she was admitted and no results had been given to her yet ( she is in the Covid ward). The next morning my wife calls and says she learned the Covid test can back negative and now they were in a hurry to get her out of the Covid ward and into her own room. She spent 5 days there and they think that the Docetaxel dose might have to be cut back because they think it killed the good bacteria in her digestive system which gave her a fungal infection. Also during the infusion that started all this they took about an hour to find a vein so they set her up with a surgeon to install a portacath which was done this past Friday. And last but not least her hair has begun to fall out. The hair doesn't bother her so that's about the only positive thing that has happened in the last few weeks. I hope this infusion goes better. Sorry if I went on too much but I had to vent.  

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Hi Robert,  I'm sorry to hear that your wife is having such problems with docetaxel. And medical care in the time of COVID is certainly a hassle. As if having cancer isn't bad enough!  I hope her docetaxel today is better.

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