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CT Scan Results


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I brought my husband to the ER last night because his been coughing and wheezing for how many months now.  Weve been pushing it because of Covid19 we were scared to go there and finally did.  They took xray and after that doctor ordered ct with contrast.  They found 9cm lung mass on right lung and they already spread to his bones.  Im so scared and dont know what to do.  Please can anyone tell me what to do next please? 

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9cm mass in the right lung and spread to the bone, what should you do?

First: find an oncologist you are comfortable with. This may provide some insight into finding the right physician for you and your husband.

Second: your oncologist (or doctor you are seeing now) will almost certainly order two more tests, a PET Scan and a Biopsy. (I've hyperlinked information about these important tests). The results of these tests are necessary before a treatment plan can be designed. The PET scan will help Stage your husband's disease, and the biopsy will identify the Type of lung cancer he has, if he has lung cancer. Our disease cannot be confirmed until a biopsy is performed. Ensure his oncologist orders further laboratory testing for the biopsy testing to check for the presence of Biomarkers.

Third: try and relax. If your husband's disease is confirmed as lung cancer, even advanced lung cancer, know that many of us survive.  I've lived more than 16 years after a diagnosis with late stage lung cancer. There are folks on this site who have survived longer. And, most importantly, if I can live, so can your husband.

Take some time and read about us on the various forums. If during your reading you discover questions, then ask them here. We are not doctors but collectively we've had every treatment method for the disease and ought to be able to help you understand what is going on.

Stay the course.


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