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Not sure if you remember me? Well I've had my biopsy and found that I am stage IV lung cancer. Cancer went through the linning 😞. My oncologist had my port scheduled to be done within a couple days. I've had 2 rounds of chemo ( carboplatin and keytruda).   Have chemo every 21 days. I'm sure I was told I'd have 12 treatments. I'm hanging on to the doctor's words " It can be contained and its controlled".  

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Yes, if I course I remember you!  I was so sorry to read about the Stage IV diagnosis.  What I learned is that almost 90% of us are diagnosed Stage IV out of the gate.  The good news for us is that in the last five years there have been an astounding number of treatment advances.  There are many here living well with Stage IV lung cancer for years now.  

The treatment plan you are receiving is for “garden variety” NSCLC.  It’s very important to understand if there were any biomarkers identified during as part of the biopsy.  Generally there are four rounds of “the triplet” with a scan after the first two.   After the fourth round, then the treatment transitions to maintenance Alimta (Chemo)!and Keytruda (immunotherapy)every three weeks.   Sometimes this can change to immunotherapy only.   

Sounds like you’re on the path forward.  Getting back into the swing of things takes some time and adjustment.  Let us know how we can help, we’ve all been there.  

So nice to hear from you! 

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Thank you. I had asked my nurse about bio markers and she said that all cancers get tested. I still have to get the results. So many things on my mind that... last appointment I forgot my list and drew a blank at last appointment. I dont understand alot about this bio markers but I hope to learn more about it.

I had told my doctors after finding out about the stage that,,,, I will not go down without a fight. I'm completely healthy otherwise. 

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While not diagnosed Stage VI, I got there quickly after my right lung was surgically removed and tumors appeared in my left lung, six months after surgery. My news was devastating.  We had a year’s worth of surgical mayhem to learn we were facing a battle for life with nothing but Taxol and Carboplatin in the chemo arsenal.

Truthfullly, I didn’t take the news well. I suffered severe scanziety. A round of chemo would work, then 3 months later, another tumor would show. Then another and so on till fate and the FDA stepped in to approve precision radiation for lung cancer patients. After three 15 minute treatments, my stubborn tumor was fried. That was in March 2007 and I’ve been NED (no evidence of disease) since.

I learned a lot of lessons about treatment, attitude and depression. Rather than roll them out here, you might want to read my Stay the Course Blog to learn about my challenges and life reveals. Briefly stated however they can be summarized in three bullets:

  • Expect to be depressed. Tell someone (medial professional) about it.
  • If you choose treatment, then you are choosing life. Do something with the life your treatment allows (besides fret, worry and isolate)
  • I found I could choose my attitude every day. If yesterday was bad, I could decide tomorrow would be better and focus on things and activities that made it better.

Last and most important consider: if I can live, so can you.

Stay the course.



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Thank you Tom. Wow! You have been through alot! I know I will be NED.  I'm to much of a fighter.

The depression, I've been treated most my life for major depression. I do have days where I do get a little more down than usual. Thats when I remind myself of what the doctor said... This can be controlled and contained with treatment. 

That always lifts my spirits. I think that having a higher power to talk to also helps or it does me. I was terrified when I was 1st told I had cancer, my head just wouldn't shut down. Then I said to myself.... Good God! Stop this before you stroke out. Toni ! You have cancer! Now get busy and fight this!

I plan on walking this earth for many more years. I alway have said when I'm 80 yrs old I'm eating ice cream every darn day. I choose to live. 😊

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