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Hi! I’m researching care centers. I’m super close to Yale, and about an hour and a half from Sloan Kettering. Does any one have experience with one or both or a preference?

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As a lung cancer non profit foundation, we don't offer public recommendations about providers or medical institutions. However, depending on the type and stage of your lung cancer, you may not need a sophisticated cancer treatment center.

Most common forms of lung cancer diagnosed from Stage IA to IIIA or sometimes Stage IIIB are treated with what is known as a National Standard of Care. That means that almost everyone with the same stage and type of lung cancer will get the the same type of treatment. I've had treatment at my small town cancer clinic and treatment at a large big city cancer center. I prefer the former. In the small clinic, everyone knew who I was and where to find a vein. In the large hospital, a different technician handled me every time. Plus, the large center had hundreds of folks waiting for treatment while my small clinic was "walk in at the appointed time and have your treatment."

Now if your lung cancer is complicated or if comorbidity complicates treatment or if surgery is in the offing, I'd definitely opt for the large sophisticated cancer treatment center. I hope this helps.

Stay the course.


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