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Helping my dad with Fatigue

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Hi everyone! 

On Monday my dad met with his oncologist and had his third infusion of immunotherapy (Tecentriq). He is doing pretty good, besides getting a little rash on his chest which is onc said is normal. However, he’s been pretty tired. Today he slept until like 12:30 and then took a nap at like 6. I’m sure it’s normal to be tired but I want to know what others have done to help stay somewhat active despite being tired/low on energy. Going on walks isnt really an option right now because his hips are really sore from sitting so much. Not sure how to help him...any ideas? I don’t want to badger him or try and push him too hard. 
Thank you in advance, friends! 

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Hi Olivia,

Yes, the fatigue comes with this territory.  Walking usually helps but if that’s not an option look for a Zoom restorative yoga class that can be done without props.  
You might also want to check out some breathing exercises and Qi Gong Tapping on YouTube.   Try Andrew Weill  MD and Chinese tapping.  It’s something that can be done laying down to improve circulation and help boost energy.  
Keep us posted! 

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