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OhioKat - How are you?


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Haven't seen you post for awhile and just thinking about you and hope you are doing well.


Wow its so nice of you to ask :)

I've been pretty tired actually and trying to spend more time, on top of that I've got some depression going on and just haven't been very motivated for much of anything lately, even with a 3 year old to chase after I've been struggling to find reasons to get out of bed. Its hard because sometimes I'm not sure how much of it is chemo & how much of it is depression type tiredness.


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OhioKat, good to see you back!

Sorry to hear you're feeling "under the weather". What an appropriate saying - late winter weighs heavily on most of us!

Be good to yourself. You had major surgery not too long ago. And chemo can certainly be exhausting. My mom says "The good news is, I'm in remission. The bad news is, I'm sleeping through it."

Just think how much those nasty little c-cells are suffering through this :twisted: .

Hope you feel some sunshine soon.

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You have been through cancer diagnosis and treatment, major surgery, and hormonal changes to name just a few contribting factors to Major Depressive Disorder. I'm with Mary, check in with your doctor and inquire about an antidepressant. I have been thinking about you too, and will send up prayers for you also. I am with you, ready for the spring....Alright, I do live in Texas. I really shouldn't complain, huh?


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