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Scan results


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Had a scan the other day. Results at my doctor appt yesterday. 

Well there is a very small increase in the tumors. I also had my last of 4 chemo treatments yesterday. 

Doctor thinks the tumors are due to inflammation/swelling because of the small increase in size. 

So the plan now is to have 3 treatments of keytruda alone and rescan after treatment #3.

I have to remain positive even if it is hard to do when you have stage IV and pdl1.

I have my faith and a doctor that I trust. Plus, he is alway seems on top of everything cancer.



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This all sounds good.  Doctors have developed a clinical intuition now that they’re getting more “experience” with these newer treatments.   They’re usually a few months or weeks ahead of the radiologists.   We all know how nerve wracking the early scan days can be.  Have faith in yourself and carry on as best you can.  The corner has been turned!  

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 It sounds like your Doctors have things under control. It is good to know they have options and options bring new  hope.

if you have time ,could you please share what regimen you were on and for how long?

Good luck going forward and please stay strong.




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I was on Carbo, Altima and Keytruda. I had a total of 4 treatments every 21days. Now I'll be on keytruda every 21days and after 4 treatments I'll have another scan. Hopefully it hasn't continued to slightly increased, sigh. It's so hard to stay positive at times. 

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