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Post Lung Biopsy pain for 2 weeks


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My mom underwent a lung biopsy approximately 2 weeks ago, she has stage 4 lung cancer with malignant Pleural effusion of the right lung. Im feeling absolutely terrible at the moment because her pain has just gotten gradually worse since her lung biopsy that we agreed too with her oncologist. My mom wasn't 100% on-board with doing the biopsy but her oncologist suggested it be done, and I firther convinced my mom to have it done. Now I regret it because she is experiencing pain that i would have otherwise thought of going away by now, this is a nightmare.


Can the Pleural fluid be traveling elsewhere possibly after an initial lung biopsy? Wouldn't the doctor recommend not to do a biopsy under the circumstance of a malignant pleural effusion? The biopsy approach was just under her right breast. And I'm terrified to think that the needle approach may have caused fluid to travel elsewhere. Not sure if im over thinking all of this, but I can't bear to see my mom in pain this way. I wanted to take her to emergency at one point but she insisted not to go, and that she believes the pain will subside. Has anyone experienced, or has had any family member, or friend deal with this?

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Good Morning,

The biopsy is generally a very safe procedure that is critical in developing a treatment plan.  It’s unusual to have pain post two weeks and it’s suggestive there is something else contributing to your Mom’s pain.  My doctor’s rule of thumb is any symptom persisting for two weeks needs to be evaluated.  If your Mom will allow it  a call to the oncologist is in order.  

You absolutely made the right call by encouraging the biopsy with treatment advances people are living with lung cancer.  

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Sorry to learn of your mom's lung cancer diagnosis.

I wouldn't think a pleural effusion would travel anywhere else after a biopsy. It is a phenomenon associated with the pleural space between the external wall of the lung and the internal wall of the chest cavity. The fluid produced is absorbed into the body and if not is drained using a needle if it doesn't disperse. Collection of fluid without dispersion can be painful and make breathing difficult so keep an eye on her discomfort and ease of breathing.

Pain at the biopsy site should wane quickly. If it lasts more than a couple of days, I'd reach out to her oncologist.

A biopsy is necessary to determine the type of lung cancer. There are many types and each has a different treatment method. Generally, normally, usually a needle biopsy is one of the least invasive methods of collecting tissue samples. I hope your mom's pain ends quickly.

Stay the course.


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So update on my moms biopsy, apparently her lung cancer or the tumor growing in her lung is being caused by her pancreas, the oncologist describes it as a rare appearance. The tumor appears in the right lung but the growth has branched from the pancreas in an unusual manner. The oncologist said that there is no evidence of tumors on the pancreas and all neighboring organs are healthy, but a test called a CA1999 came back high and with the lung biopsy specimen her oncologist has concluded that this may be coming from the pancreas. 


I'm am lost for words and very confused. They changed my moms chemo treatment, still no discussion plans for surgery or radiation. We're at the mercy of her oncologist im hoping and praying that she's keeping her on the right path. Makes me so nervous to know she has a rare cancer. And her pain hasn't gone away.... tomorrow she has another CT scan so we can get some answers about her pain. Has anyone ever heard of this rare occurrence? Thank you all again for your feedback and support.

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