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How likely is it that cancer spreads to the mouth


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My mum has a PET scan tomorrow. She's doing really well other than having a really bad toothache which started last week. There's certain medications she can't take for it and the dentist thinks that she needs a root canal. 

I don't know if I'm worrying too much. My mum is in good health otherwise and the doctors comment on how well she looks. Her oncologist says that she looks better each time. My mum saw her consultant for immunotherapy today and said that her body has recovered really well and quickly after chemo and everything is back to normal.

Am I worrying about this too much? Her doctor knows about her tooth trouble and doesn't seem suspicious. My mum had a scan in May which showed that the tumor had decreased by half.

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EVERYBODY has dental problems. I've had so many root canals over the years that I finally got full-mouth implants a couple of years ago.

I wouldn't worry about the toothache's being related to cancer, but it is important to take care of.

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Thank you so much LexieCat for your reassuring answer. My mum is really in a lot of pain with her tooth. Hopefully it'll get better. She has to wait until August 7 for a specialist to do the root canal. I'm lucky that I don't have many problems with my teeth but on the occasions that I do, it's not pleasant. Even sensitive teeth can drive you mad.

Have you received your results back yet? X 

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