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Good News for now


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My dad and I just met with his doctor to review his CT scans....no evidence of disease!!!! His tumors are undetectable on his scans and we are so happy. Unfortunately, his doctor did have to remind us that it will be back (Damn SCLC). Trying to not think about that and pray that it’s a long time before it comes back. For now we will celebrate the good news ❤️

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Thank you all for the kind words!! We are certainly happy with the good news. I just feel like there seems to be no hope for him after talking to the doctor...it felt like he was just telling us to enjoy it while it lasts. Is it really so naive to hope that it lasts a long time? Is it unrealistic? Stats and doctor remarks don’t seem to be in our favor, which makes celebrating this news difficult.

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Hi Olivia,

No telling how long the NED will last. Hope is not naive. Cancer is a bummer and it's unpredictable for all of us. Don't let that keep you and your dad  enjoying each day.  Nine years ago, prior to my lung cancer, I had an unrelated cancer that was aggressive and advanced.  My prognosis was "dismal" (my doctor used that word. I had aggressive treatment and became NED.  I thought my long term survival was unlikely. I decided I couldn't afford to waste my days and I worked hard to live my life as I wanted it to be each day. However, for a couple of years I declined to plan much for the future, since I didn't know how long my future was.  As time had gone on, I've been able to plan further and further ahead and I still try to live for today. 

I've definitely outlived my prognosis as have many of us on this site. I hope your dad will too. Nobody has any guarantees. Don't let that spoil the days you have now with your dad.

Bridget O

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I pitch my hat in with the rest of the group.  CELEBRATE!!!  Enjoy every NED day and keep going...this is an unpredictable disease and as much as it can recur it can also stay at bay and that is what we all hope for.


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