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Rare Lung Cancer appearance according to our oncologist


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I just received biopsy results for my mom recently and apparently her lung cancer or the tumor growing in her lung is being caused by her pancreas, the oncologist describes it as a rare appearance. The tumor appears in the right lung but the growth has branched from the pancreas in an unusual manner. The oncologist said that there is no evidence of tumors on the pancreas and all neighboring organs are healthy, but a test called a CA1999 came back high and with the lung biopsy specimen her oncologist has concluded that this may be coming from the pancreas. 


I'm am lost for words and very confused. They changed my moms chemo treatment, still no discussion plans for surgery or radiation. We're at the mercy of her oncologist im hoping and praying that she's keeping her on the right path. Makes me so nervous to know she has a rare cancer. And her pain hasn't gone away.... tomorrow she has another CT scan so we can get some answers about her pain. Has anyone ever heard of this rare occurrence? 

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Are you referring to the CA19-9 blood marker or a biopsy result. From my reading CA19-9 marker can be an indicator of pancreatic cancer but is not definitive. Here is where I'm reading about CA19-9.

Do you have a pathologist report from the histology examination biopsy material?

It is not rare that cancer from another organ would metastasize to the lung. It is rare that a type of cancer be diagnosed as pancreatic cancer and no primary is in or on the pancreas. I do hope the scheduled CT scan provides answers about her pain and finds the primary tumor if in the pancreas.

Stay the course.


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I don't have the pathologist report. CA 19-9 is what i meant to say.. We have a second opinion from a different oncologist and she is stating that because her CA 19-9 test is elevated she is ""suspecting"" that this cancer that is growing in the lung.

 Her previous oncologist was on the fence of ""suspecting"" that it was primarily lung cancer and would keep a close eye on the pancreas because of the elevated CA 19-9 markers. BUT both oncologist agreed to not seeing any type of abnormalities or growth on the pancreas which was very good news. Her previous oncologist was going to put her on a chemotherapy favorable to treating lung cancer, and her current oncologist is treating her according to the elevated CA 19-9 and treating her cancer as primarily pancreatic. My moms case has been dragged back and fourth since April. 


Now the takeaway is that her oncologist received biopsy results and described the specimen as being consistent with pancreatic cancer, but still hasn't abandoned the idea of treating as lung cancer... this has been keeping me on edge.

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