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Smoking vs Lung Cancer

Guest DaveG

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There are 44 million (approx) smokers in the US. As stated by a very prominent doctor at ASCO, smoking is the only cause of lung cancer, and smoking causes lung cancer, therefore in the next several years, we are going to have 44million cases of lung cancer, with approximately, on the average, 8-10 people affected, on a daily basis, by secondary smoke, , which then accounts for all the others getting lung cancer. Folks if what this doctor is saying, if true (and we are to assume he speaks the truth), we're in big trouble.

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Ah, but Dave... If smokers pick up lung cancer, it is ONLY because they smoke, not radon exposure, not asbestos exposure, ONLY cigarettes so that makes it THEIR fault.. The non-smokers? Well, if they enjoy a night out at a local watering hole/club and are inhaling smoke (remember, our previous President NEVER inhaled), it's THEIR fault...

So, I would guess that ANYONE contracting lung cancer can contribute it to poor life style changes, NOT a "natural" environment, governmental slip of toxins, bad genetic luck, etc....

..and darn it, if I end up with breast cancer on top of it, that's my PARENTS' fault for having a girl and not a boy! BAH!

Those doctors that 'heal' well yet have no bed side manner should learn to shut the H up, ya know? Having read that a positive attitude has no affect on body health from ANOTHER source, I'm beginning to wonder if it's a conspiracy...the "LC Files"....

ENOUGH grumbling from me for this afternoon, I'm going to enjoy the day...catch up with you folks later!


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Well, This JACKASS of a SO CALLED DOCTOR has the hair on MY BACK STANDING TALL! Someone needs to put a cigarette in his big mouth and shut him the HELL UP! :twisted:

I have talked with some doctor's who say one thing and others say something else. MY OPINON??? It's a JUDGEMENT CALL! IT'S THERE OPINION!! Opinions are like Asswholes, everyone has one! Sorry folks, this kind of garble just erks me to know end. Most of the doctor's I have talked to say that smoking is a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR, but it is NOT THE ONLY CAUSE for lung cancer. If they knew this was the only cause, my doctor's have all said, they would be thrilled, because then they would know EXACTLY what causes lung cancer. But, they say that's not the case. Common sense tells me that has to be true.

One comment I have is this. If CIGARETTES cause LUNG CANCER and is the ONLY THING THAT CAUSES LUNG CANCER, then why the HELL isn't ONE DIME OF the Tobacco Settlement Monies going toward LUNG CANCER PATIENTS????? (of those that PAID FOR IT) to being with) If the smokers caused there lung cancer then lets get this tobacco money put where it belongs. And along the way, we can help THOSE people who NEVER DID SMOKE get early detection for lung cancer, and better medical tech for lung cancer, and SAVE MORE LIVES. Well, sadly I have to go for now. LUCKY FOR ALL YOU! :roll:

I am writing to this JA (Doctor), (I use that term loosely) too! I suggest ALL of us writing to this donkey butt.

Very good letter you wrote Dave. I can see the hair on your back was standing tall too!!! :lol:

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