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Scheduling a biopsy


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After I talked to my surgeon yesterday about trying to expedite the biopsy, I got a call this morning from the hospital to schedule an appointment for tomorrow with the pulmonologist re getting the biopsy scheduled. They told me my surgeon had called to request it. So surgeon was a man of his word--I'm really anxious to get to the bottom (to the extent we can) of what's going on right now.

I wish I could clone my surgeon for all of my care and for all of you, too. Just talking with him last night made me feel better.


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I’m so glad that your surgeon is helping you get your biopsy expedited. It’s great to have doctors who really care about their patients. I’m hoping that all goes well for you. I know waiting for answers can be so stressful. 

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Saw pulmonologist this afternoon--this is the same guy I was seeing for my screening scans, who referred me to the surgeon for the first go-round. I told him I'd LIKE to say it was good to see him again, but under the circumstances, I'd just as soon skip the reunion. 

He says his assistant will call me to schedule the biopsy for sometime next week. He says I will be completely "out" for it--around 45 minutes, but will be at hospital around 4 hours. My neighbor will drive me. Doc says 4-5 days for initial results and then another week or so for molecular studies. 

He referred to the one spot as a "mass" and I asked about that because the scans referred to the largest nodule as 1.6 cm. He said it appeared to him to be larger than 3 cm. He scrolled through the PET scan, and it looked like a glowing bomb, to me. He's a good guy, too--he reminded me we don't know what we're dealing with till we get the biopsy results. He said he will sample both of the nodules/masses that lit up, as well as the lymph nodes in my chest (he didn't feel there was any need to sample the supraclavicular node). 

And just to add to the fun, Monday is my birthday. This whole deal was NOT on the wish list. This Karen would like to Speak To The Manager, Please.

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I can't add any more likes today... Thank you for sharing what's going on. So glad you are addressing this quickly and that you have such outstanding medical support! Love your humor, too. I want that t-shirt as well!

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