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Calcium levels


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My mum showed me her test results from her blood test which her doctor said was normal. I saw my mum's calcium was slightly raised. The normal limit is 2.6 mmol or 10.5 mg. My mum's level was 2.8 mmol or 11.2 mg. It's on the mild side of raised with over 3.5 mmol or 14 mg being very serious. 

I'm worried because raised calcium can indicate cancer. I'm worried what if it means the cancer has progressed or hasn't gone. My mum's doctor didn't seem concerned about the results and said that they're normal. My mum said her calcium levels have always been higher than usual even way before she had cancer. 

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According to my portal records the normal range for calcium is  8.6-10.2 mg/dL so your mum's is not far away from the max especially when it is on the high side. My last test showed mine as 9.3 mg/dL. I assume being a cancer patient under heavy medication the level fluctuates from time to time. I will not be concerned  especially when the doctor is not  .The doctor looks at many other indicators beside calcium level.



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