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SCLC: Case Notes - Ongoing Low Mg Issues


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My wife gets an IV bag of Mg just about every week. She is taking 4 x Mg pills a day and still her Mg drops to critical levels about every week.

This is disheartening because I thought upping the Mg pills from 2 to 3 then to 4 pills a day would do the trick. The onc nurse practioner said her case was rare but she had a patient that got an Mg IV almost every week for a year. We certainly didn't want hear that. This has been going on since about half way through chemo.

SCLC Dx - 1/29/20

Chemo start (1st cycle) - 1/31/20

Chemo (2nd cycle) - 2/25/20

Mg 1.1 - 3/3/20

Mg 1.1 - 3/6/20

Chemo (3rd cycle) - 3/17/20

Mg 1.0 - 3/20/20

Mg 1.2 - 3/23/20

Mg 1.2 - 3/25/20

Chemo End (4th cycle) - 4/14/20

Mg 1.2 - 5/12/20

Mg 1.0 - 5/26/20

Mg 0.9 - 6/5/20

Mg 1.3 - 6/8/20

Mg 1.2 - 6/11/20

Mg 1.1 - 7/4/20

Mg 1.2 - 7/16/20

Mg 1.2 - 7/23/20

Mg 1.1 - 7/28/20

Mg 1.1 - 8/4/20


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After my third cycle of taxol and carboplatin, my magnesium blood level started trending downward. Normal range tends from 1.7 tp 2.2 mg/dL and mine were typically 1.3 to 0.8. I've been taking 1000mg of magnesium supplement a day (500mg AM and 500mg PM) for since 2007. This controls my main symptom muscle cramps but does not restore my levels to the normal range.

I've never had a MG IV that I know of.

Stay the course.


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Wow ... That's a long time taking the Mg pills. I think you told me that previously.

My wife is taking 2 400mg tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening for a total of 1600mg a day. Her Mg level drops to 1.1 or 1.2 almost consistently every week. We've learned to stay around the cancer center after her blood is taken. Usually we go get some lunch and then they call to have us come back. I believe the IV has 4g of Mg in a saline solution. My wife doesn't stay hydrated like she should so the IV helps with this.

We just deal with it. We are thankful that the cancer is stable. Better to deal with Mg Issues than growing cancer.


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