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Good news!


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My mum had a PET scan yesterday and today she went to hospital for skin problems related to the immunotherapy. The oncologist gave her the results from the PET scan. He said that no areas lighted up, indicating no cancer and said that this is a very very good scan. It still needs to be analysed by a specialist in-depth.

I feel so shocked! I did not expect it. Part of me is still worried that the oncologist has got is wrong especially as the specialist needs to analyse it in depth and write a report but surely the oncologist must have some basic knowledge and couldn't afford to make such a mistake.

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Make sure and watch it close and dont forget it. I had a nodule found in 2004 in my right lower lobe that "passed" the PET scan. Monitored it for a few years then forgot about it.  Fast forward to Dec 2019 and my little nodule was the size of a lime and I had my lower right lobe removed.  I should have been getting scanned annually starting 4 years ago but it was never suggested.  I had to suggest the scan when I couldn't kick what I thought was pneumonia.

Bottom line....even tho its probably nothing now keep a close eye on it.



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Good news nevertheless so enjoy it with optimism that the deeper analysis will confirm what the oncologist thinks.  Optimism and hope are half the battle. Of course one needs to insist on periodic scans because we know cancer have a habit of returning. 

Congrats and best of luck.

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That's TERRIFIC!! As you've learned, cancer is tricky and CAN come back. But it doesn't always. And to the extent there is diligent follow-up, any recurrence will be spotted early before things get out of control. Earlier is always better. Either way, she has had a tremendous response to her therapy.

I know you're a worrier so I won't demand that you not worry. But this is VERY reassuring--the best news you could ever hope for. And good news is ruined if all you do is focus on how it might not last. For now, she's going to be healthy and well. That is priceless.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. There's always uncertainties in life, but I've learnt that there's no point worrying. Hopefully it won't come back but God forbid if it does, the scans will be able to catch anything early, like you mentioned LexieCat. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you LexieCat. I hope that everything will turn out well for you and if it does turn out to be cancer again, that you'll beat it like you did before. It seems that you have wonderful doctors. A good medical team and positive attitude go hand in hand.

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