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What was your Issue at Time of Diagnosis of LC

Guest DaveG

What Were you at time of Diagnosis of LC  

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  1. 1. What Were you at time of Diagnosis of LC

    • Actively Smoking
    • Non Smoker (quit before diagnosis)
    • Never Smoked

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Guest It's Fay A.

I'm still having problems with logging in so I can't participate in this poll other than to say I am a "former" smoker with an approximate 9 pack year history. I was told-repeatedly-that my smoking history was considered non contributory to the development of the kind of lung cancer I have. It is an important distinction for me, because I already KNOW that in my family you don't have to smoke to develop Lung Cancer.

Fay A.

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Put the word out on this survey. I hope that those without a smoking history will enter the poll. I would like to send the results to PLWC and especially to Dr. Markman. Please get the word out about this poll.

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I read recently (can't remember where) that new evidence show that the pre-cancerous changes in the lungs which occur after years of heavy smoking NEVER go away.

This is a highly-charged issue. On one hand, it can be used to support the idea that smokers-get-lung-cancer. On the other, it could make younger smokers taking quitting more seriously. And on the other again, older long-term smokers may think "why bother"?

Indeed, if my mom had quit 10 years ago and still ended up with sclc, she'd be pretty darn ticked (to put it in printable language :wink: ).

It's a thorny issue all around. I've never smoked myself, but have seen first-hand the special he11 that smokers who want to quit go through.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone 10 lbs. or more over "ideal" weight (and I sure qualify) had NO business judging a smoker's habit.

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  • 2 months later...

I just found this and would love to know if second hand smoke would be another category in this poll. My Mom and Dad smoked heavily while I was growing up - I remember in high school coming home at night and there would be a heavy blue/gray fog in the air. My Dad quit smoking I believe over 12 years ago. After repeated attempts - hypnosis, acupuncture, a weaning method, they did it cold turkey together. Hurrah! Yes, he ended up with SCLC and Mom has COPD and emphysema, but they are glad they quit and wish they had done it sooner. I believe there are some research studies going on about children of smokers, and the thought that perhaps they would more likely get lung cancer than others. I'm interested. Please understand in no way do I harbor any ill feelings toward my parents and their smoking and the second hand smoke I received. They were wonderful parents with a bad habit.


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Hubby Jim smoked since age 16 and was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 55. He quit when diagnosed. 39 yr smoker

My mother started smoking at age 28 and was dying of severe COPD at age 72, She stopped smoking in her late 60s, due to the COPD. At the very end of her life they also discovered a lung tumor. 42 year smoker

My father never smoked but lived with Mom, a heavy smoker. I think his father also smoked. Second hand smoke never affected him. He had some skin cancers but never developed lung cancer and died at age 82 of Parkinson's Disease. Second hand smoke at least 42 years, no lung cancer.

Margaret in Iowa

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I quit the minute I got the phone call that said my CT scan indicated a mass on my lung. Following that was appt with thoracic surgeon who ordered a PET, pulmonary function test, and eventually did surgery. Guess the diagnosis wasn't official till surgery which was one month after the CT scan.

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I feel like a simpleton, but I can't figure out how to "participate" in this poll properly--so I am writing an aswer on behalf of my MIL.

She is a never-smoker which is why LC NEVER even occurred to us and her cough and hoarseness were treated for months by multiple doctors before anyone even thought to take an X-ray--let alone a CT Scan. If we'd only read one magazine atricle or seen one commercial... Ah, well. Y'all know the frustration.

I'll have to ask about 2nd hand smoke.


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