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Can't Complete My Profile


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I'm a little confused .... keep seeing that my profile is 50% completed, so I select "Complete my profile" and am taken to the first page of it (which is complete) and click "Next" but then am taken to the first post that I am following.  I can't find anywhere to fill out anything that would make it technically complete.  Am I overlooking something?  

Also, do thee forums offer the ability to send a PM to another member? 



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Hi, Susan,

I think you may need to have a certain number of posts before you can PM another member. If you ask on the thread, though, someone can probably PM you. It's only 5-10 posts required, I think.

Try clicking on your name at the top, click "profile" and see what's there. Click "edit" and try adding anything that might be missing (that you're OK with sharing) and then click "save". That's about all I can suggest.

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OK, you know what, mine says, too, that my profile is "incomplete"--it's perfectly fine. They have space to fill in stuff like interests, etc., which I didn't bother with. Clearly, if my profile is complete enough for me to have 1300 posts over 3 years, it's complete enough!

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