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MRI results


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Doc just called with results of MRI. He says there's a 7 mm "abnormality" (I don't have the report itself yet) in my sacrum, consistent with location that showed up on PET scan. He said the "good news" is that it's only a single spot of bone affected at this point, and small--he said they can probably zap it with radiation. We'll have to see what the biopsy results are but that was his best guess. He said maybe we could see how it responds to chemo, but I know I'll be pushing for the radiation of that spot. 

I guess the best news would have been that the PET scan malfunctioned, but barring that, the result could have been worse.

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Hi Teri,

You’re making really good progress getting through these diagnostics!  I know you’re locked and loaded to knock this out.  I was in a big hurry to have radiation on my spine but the oncologist had a very high confidence level the targeted therapy would knock it out.  Let’s see what the biopsy brings in.  You’d be surprised by how quickly therapy can work, for me it was resolved in a few weeks.  I’m glad we held off on radiation, it’s always in the back pocket.  

My Integrative Doctor recommended I purchased a foam yoga roller to lay on lengthwise vertically from my head to the sacrum for 15 minutes each day. Not a lot of fun in the beginning.  What the roller does is release the spine facia to reduce any inflammation.  When I told my medical oncologist about this all I got was a blank look.  He’s a a yoga roller convert now, I can do things that I shouldn’t technically be able to do.  Wise investment for me.   Carry on


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Thanks, Michelle,

Good to hear your experience with the bone mets. Just have to see what the biopsy/molecular tests show. I AM glad I got the call today, rather than have to wait till next week. And I'm SO glad I moved to get the MRI done sooner. 

As far as I'm concerned, the sooner everything happens the better.

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Hoping whichever method you go with, that spot will be nipped in the bud!  

Michelle, I have one of those rollers, too!  Got it during PT for a bulging disc years ago and still swear by it!


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OK, the report is now posted.


There is a small focus of T1 hypointense, STIR hyperintense, enhancing signal abnormality in the right aspect of the sacrum along the superior margin of the S2 vertebral body measuring 7 mm in diameter best seen on series 5 image 8. This is most suspicious for a metastasis. An inflammatory focus is also possible but less likely. No other gross regions of signal abnormality are identified within the bone marrow of the sacrum. There is mild chronic appearing compression deformity at the superior endplate of L3. There is dilatation of the sigmoid colon. Enhancing STIR hyperintense signal is noted posterior to the L4-L5 and L5-S1 facet joints which is probably vascular or inflammatory. Underlying lesions are not excluded.


1. 7 mm enhancing lesion corresponding to the hypermetabolic focus seen on PET/CT from 7/23/2020, most suspicious for a small metastasis.

2. Enhancing STIR hyperintense signal posterior to the L4-L5 and L5-S1 facet joints is likely vascular or inflammatory.

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Impression .1 is indeed your concern, my take. It shows on two different scans and is hypermetabolic on the PET/CT. Seven (7) mm is small and certainly a candidate for zapping by SBRT. If it were me, I'd zap it and others the radiation oncologist suggests. I'd also take the chemo/targeted therapy/immunotherapy if that was recommended by your medical oncologist.

Stay the course.


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I just went into my portal to look for my previous MRI spine results & PET scan  which used words like very small or tiny scattered no numbers. So I have no idea how that gets measured because 7mm is small in my book.  Something is misbehaving and it needs to squashed.  Sneaky cancer sucks......

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