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Got results today, Scanziety gone (for now)!


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Hi Folks,

I had my one year CT Scans on Friday and saw my pulmonologist today for results.  When he came in he asked how I was doing and (based on my NY humor) I replied, "that what you're here to tell me".  He smiled and told me that my tests were, "nothing to write home about"...then he smiled and said everything looked great and clear.  I couldn't help myself (thanks to my Lungevity training) but to ask; "do you mean No Evidence of Disease" to which he smiled and say "Yes".  He then performed the rest of the physical and gave me a clean bill of health.

So, for now things are great and I must say that the sun seemed a little brighter, the air a little sweeter and my disposition a whole lot better as I went to my car.  I'm glad to be in the NED Club and my strongest desire is to stay here and have all of us in it together. 

Feeling happier than I deserve to be,


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I’m all out of likes already today but I thank all of you for the wonderful wishes and support.  One thing I appreciate so much about this Lungevity Family is that when I was sick I could come here and not feel like a patient, the way I felt everywhere else at the time while going through all the tests, procedures and recovery.  When here  I felt like me and I believe it helped me participate in my own healing better than I would have otherwise.  Thank you all!


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