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PDT - Photodynamic Therapy for NSCLC


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Your post is the first time I've ever heard of PDT. One of the best reasons to be on this forum are questions like this. I immediately looked at PDT for SCLC but did not find anything. A cursory glance at Google indicated several articles using it with NSCLC.

A few articles that I saw were for immediately shrinking cancer that was obstructing airways.

Perhaps there are some on here that have gone through this ... It appears to be an older technique. Perhaps it is making a comeback.  Keep in mind that I googled for about 5 minutes only so there is probably a ton more info out there.


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Same here. I actually went into the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) 2020 Abstracts search and came up with zero findings.  

Earlier research indicates this therapy may be used for early stage cancers (in lung cancer the vast majority of lung cancer diagnoses are advanced).  

Ask the physician for the NCCN guidelines (there are patient versions available in plain English) and if you’re not satisfied a second opinion would be worth considering.  

I’m not sure if the doctor is established with a National Cancer Institute or Comprehensive Cancer Center, if not then it’s really worth the trip & travel hassle as a new study indicates that patients treated at these centers have much better outcomes.  


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