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Myofascial Release Roller Zoom Class

Rower Michelle

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Greetings from KC, 

One of the activities I really miss participating in due to the Pandemic was my myofascial message therapy appointments.  Obviously that's a no-go with COVID, BUT I wanted to let you know I finally found a low cost resource, while it's based in KC, you can Zoom in from anywhere.  This is a myofascial release class that uses a yoga foam roller for about 75 minutes with Betty Manz, a licensed message therapist.   I've taken Betty's free classes at the KU Cancer Center when I was first diagnosed and found her to be very effective in teaching me how to use breathing techniques.  (O2 levels increased to 99-100%).   

Here is the link in case you're interesting in participating.  The class is $12, it's pretty amazing.   The classes are Thursday at Noon Central.  



The class teaches you how to properly use a yoga foam roller and is based on mind-body techniques similar to that of Jon Kabat Zinn (but it's not weird or overly woo woo). Betty provides excellent verbal cues, so if you're not great with coordination (like me!) it's very easy to follow.  It's very gentle too.    


Normally I wouldn't promote any type of service, but Netflix is getting old and I thought this is a great use of my time.  Betty is totally open to having people join from our Lung Cancer Community.  

My Integrative Doctor recommended myofascial release for stress reduction and tissue repair.   After two classes, I'm starting to feel centered again.     Check it out...  



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