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Chemo Round Four is in the books.


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I finished my fourth round y'day. I'm weakest I've ever been. 

They've ordered a CT scan in two weeks time. There was a bit of a pissing match between the oncologist and pulmonologist over a half-dead lymph node in my last one. The pulmo wanted to biopsy it and the oncologist thought he'd be seeing dead tissue. The two have crossed swords before in my case. I just stay out of it.

In addition to the CT scan, round five is scheduled, which was unexpected. I'm hoping if the CT scan is perfectly clean, this will be the last one.

I've done a lot of reading about my diagnosis and I hope they got it wrong. Neuroendocrine carcinoma is tied to bad outcomes when it starts in the lung. I want to see my daughter walk across the stage to receive her BS degree. That's two years off. No one in my sphere of doctors will give me a time. They just keep repeating that they hope the chemo, and whatever comes next is curative. I'm tired and a bit weepy this morning, so forgive me. 

I've always been a pragmatist. I'll take whatever comes. 




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Hi Glenn: You seem to be tired and I don't blame you. I am on my second round and can tell already what to expect. Hopefully with a bit of luck and perseverance  not only will you see your daughter walk across the stage to receive her BS degree but you will also  attend her wedding and even play with her babies.  The more we fight, the better our chances and giving up does not make things better. Hopefully your scan will be clean and you begin getting your strength back. Things will look a lot better than. I for one am rooting for you.

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Four rounds of chemo would knock an Olympian down.  Ringo Starr had it right went he said it don't come easy.   It's tough stuff.  I hope round five is the last one too.  My oncologist and the radiologist have disagreed about my scans three times over the last (nearly) two years.  In each case my oncologist proved to be correct.  I think they know when something is good and dead better than others.  Remember, diagnosis is not prognosis!   Whatever you're reading is likely to be pretty outdated at this point, cancer research is moving pretty fast and by the time the internet catches up, it's old news.   Doctors are "tinkering" in the clinical practice setting with pretty aggressive treatment regimes and it's paying off.  From 2016-2017 (the most "current" data) saw the largest year over year increase in lung cancer survivorship.   It's getting better every few months.  So hang on tight, I think you can watch your daughter walk the stage.  We're all pulling for you here.   


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Michelle and Gary are SO right!  I was terrified after reading about this cancer but, thankfully, found these folks who showed me that there have been amazing breakthroughs in the last few years that make all that data obsolete.  You’re almost through the worst - and when the chemo is kicking your butt, think about how much harder it’s kicking the cancer.  In addition, it sounds like your doctors are optimistic. Hang in there!!! Know that a lot of folks here are thinking of you and pulling for you.  

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